100 Free Cloth Masks to 100 Winners!

This week, we have sent 100 masks to 100 winners in four countries! I couldn’t do this without the support of so many people. For starters, my assistant, Janice, and my mom, Susie, have sewn their little hearts out this week!

200 MORE Masks!

We’ve also received a lot of monetary donations, which are allowing us to make 200 more masks in the next couple of weeks! So a huge, special thank you to: Teresa Dickson, nanette c cook, Diane Sharpe, Corrine Fallon, Deborah E Schmalz, Ed Nath, Michelle Wilson, Jennifer Torres, HEATHER HEIM, Michelle Klales, Lisa Webb, Melody Hall, Deborah Kitzke, Patricia Cheshire, Andrew Bell, Dorothy Schuld-Johnson, Stephanie OKelley, Megan Thomas, Margaret Patton, Rene Young,Donna Mappa, BRIDGETT WILSON, Rhonda Harrison, Deborah Pearce, Stephanie Harden, Rebecca Branstrom, Alicia Hamer, Angela Brodbeck, Jann Rigell, Julie Hutchings, Suzanne Obin, Mary McGuinn, Sandra Janson, Lori Zyren, Crystal Pinson, Heidi Pergolski, Jennifer Meaden, Darla Goodrich, Erin Wade, Lynda Thompson, Sheree Mann, Robyn J Smith, Cassandra Wesley, Melody Gonzalez, Dallas Hongisto, Donna Mappa, Jessica Mills, Susan Sharman, Mary Amich, lynn murphy, cassandra hyden, Olivia Edmund, Jaime McCue, KAREN ROSEN, Carolyn Sullivan, sue lopp, Maine Craft Emporium, George Jones, robbin rogers, corrie michalowski, Shannon Alexander, Jamie Martin, Whoot!, Robyn Allan, Holly Compiano, Elizabeth Hardy, Dana Fogle, Laura Poole, Katharine Rosenthal, Kathy Toland, Melissa Daly, Lorraine Payson, Glass Cat Online, Brenda Ellis, Spiral Soul Designs, Karri Koop, Whitney McCann, and the amazing Author Darynda Jones



Here are some of our lucky winners! This post will be updated as photos are received!

4 thoughts on “100 Free Cloth Masks to 100 Winners!

  1. Hi Team, I’m a registered nurse in New York, I would love to wear your mask off duty. Please let me know how to buy at least 5 for myself and colleges, saving the n95 for in hospital. Elicia love your books.

  2. Love this! Thank you so much for organizing it and giving ilus another way to feel together-apart

  3. I think what ya’ll are doing by making these mask is the most amazing thing you can do for people. It’s also a really nice add on to go with the Soul Summoner books. Thank you for all that you do.

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