The Archangel: An Azrael Story
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Series: The Soul Summoner Companion Stories
Genres: Mystery, Paranormal Suspense, Thriller, Urban Fantasy
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Inkwell & Quill, LLC
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: B0828B4B6N

The Archangel: An Azrael Story is a standalone story that happens three decades before The Soul Summoner begins. It can be read in any order, but it is recommended for this novella to be read later in the series.

About the Book

The Archangel of Death is the master of taking human life. But keeping mortals alive? Not exactly Azrael’s forte.

For thousands of years, Azrael’s greatest enemy has been silent. Leaving him in relative peace for the first time since the great angel war.

Now that silence has been broken, and the Morning Star has returned with a dangerous ultimatum: Azrael can join, or watch everything he loves be destroyed.

Two lives hang in the balance—Azrael’s beloved human wife, Nadine, and their unborn, part-angel son…Warren.

Book 1 – The Soul Summoner
Book 2 – The Siren
Book 3 – The Angel of Death
Book 4 – The Taken
Book 5 – The Sacrifice
Book 6 – The Regular Guy
Book 7 – The Soul Destroyer
Book 8 – The Guardian
Book 9 – The Daughter of Zion

The Detective: A Nathan McNamara Story
The Mercenary: A Warren Parish Story
The Archangel: An Azrael Story

About the Author
Elicia Hyder

Elicia Hyder is the author of The Soul Summoner series, the Journey Durant novels, and her new roller derby series, The Music City Rollers. Elicia enjoys barefoot walks on the beach, the proper use of the semicolon, and good IPAs. She sucks at CAPTCHA puzzles and firmly believes heaven will have heavy metal music.

Find her on social media @eliciahyder and on the web:

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