Book 8 Mini Peek

“What do you call him?” I asked.

“Reginald Nicolas Green-Reese the fourth,” Shannon answered with a sniffle.

My brow crumpled with confusion.

Nathan looked as perplexed as I felt. “Reginald Nicolas Green-Reese the fourth?”

“Reginald Nicolas Green is a family name,” Shannon explained.

Her family’s name,” her husband, Reese, clarified if there was any question.

Shannon began counting on her fingers. “My grandfather was Reginald Nicolas Green the first, my dad was Reginald Nicolas Green Junior, and my brother is Reginald Nicolas Green the third. It only made sense that I have the fourth.”

Made sense. Sure.

Nathan leaned toward my ear. “She knows that’s not the way it works, right?”

I just grinned and looked down at the baby again.

“Don’t get me started. I only agreed if we could call him Nico. The rest wasn’t worth the battle,” Reese said.

“Nico. I like it,” I said.

82 thoughts on “Leaked Scenes and Chapters

  1. Absolutely love this can’t wait read the rest iv got most of my family and friends reading these books from beginning x

  2. Not enough! I need more 🙂 I absolutely love this series and am anxiously (and impatiently) waiting.

  3. Ahhhhh why do I torture myself by reading sneak peeks???

    Can’t wait for this to come out! One of the best supernatural series & a favourite to reread for sure.

    Great job Elicia!

  4. I am so hooked. I can’t wait for more,more ,more. Even though it’s been months since I read the other books I am right back in Soul Summoner mode. Awesome!

  5. Omg I want to read the rest now!! Good excuse while I wait to start from The Soul Summoner again!!!

  6. I loved it, made me want more. I can’t wait for the book. I just love this series it’s the best out there. Awesome!!!!!

  7. OMG starts off with a bang ! Love it can’t wait !!! I have the librarian at my grandsons school reading this series! We caught up about it at the open house last weekend she’s loves them too

  8. YES! I loved “Warren’s ex-girlfriend could kill me with a napkin, and everyone knew it.” LOL But, I kinda wanted to punch Tactical Barbie in the face, too. XD Can’t wait for the book!! One month away!!!

  9. All I can say is omg You did it again,only bad point is I have to wait till the 27th of March to read the rest,well done Elicia

  10. Wow! You’re going to just leave it there… It’s been making me nuts since The Taken ended! Looking forward to reading this book in March.

  11. So exciting. Can’t wait til the full book is released, just so I can finish it in one day and impatiently wait for the next release. Definitely at the top of my list of favorite book series. You’re amazing Elicia!

  12. Oh man, I should never have started reading! I’d like to kick Fury’s ass, lol. Can’t wait to read the whole book!

  13. Aaaaargghh! I wish I could just meet them when they warped back to Asheville and find out what is happening. Where do they warp back to? Sloan and Warren’s new house?

  14. Fabulous work. It’s gripping right away. I love Taiya and how good Sloane is to her. Thanks for the peek Elicia. Looking forward to publication!

  15. Oh man! I want more already…….can we please have more? I seriously want my own Nathan McNamara he is the most sweetest man, although Warren is right next to him too. Gah I know we can’t have them both. This whole baby thing is cruising very quickly and I can’t wait for this book to be released! Amazing storyline so far Elicia and it has me hook, line and sinker!!!!

  16. GAH! super intense! cannot wait for march to get here. 🙂 what is fury’s issue!? i still think sloane and nathan are meant to be. sorry warren! :p

  17. I have read the series a couple of times…waiting for this latest book. I am addicted and can’t wait to read it Thank you for writing such an entertaining series.

  18. I keep trying to read between the lines of dialect with the characters and I’m finding no hints pointing to who has the sinister intentions. But like Sloan was warned earlier on to trust no one, she really isn’t given any choice but to trust those currently close to her. I’m excitedly dreading to find out whose going to raise their head and crush (or at least attempt to crush) Sloan.

  19. I loved it Elicia, again. Luv this series and can’t wait for it to come out. I’ve pre-ordered. Keep them coming, I can’t put these books down

  20. This was just what the doctor ordered. Except, you know, not nearly long enough! Stressful day working on my group counseling paper and this was the perfect paper writing break! Just what I needed to relieve school related stress!

  21. I normally don’t read sneak peeks because I don’t want to know what happens. I can’t help myself with this storyline. Hurry up and release date!!

  22. “Please Sir, May I Have Some More” or should i say PLEASE GIVE ME MORE MA’AM.As good as the first already. I shouldn’t have started it because i just get angry & excited that there isn’t more!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the book!

  23. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Elicia, thank you for our Valentine’s Day present. I was already excited about the next book in the series, but after reading this it cannot get here sooner. March hurry up!

  24. It’s not fair that you know what’s happening next, Elicia! I’m going to bite my nails down to the quick as I agonize over this story! Adrianne better make it out of this ok!!

  25. I have been busting for this book to come out. I hope you will be doing more in this series Elicia. I’m sure Az luvs Adrienne, but I’ll have to wait and see.

  26. Will this book have the Audible version available for purchase as Well? If so when and for how much? I have already preordered my kindel version. I can’t wait!!!

  27. Awww darn…..just when its starting to get really really good. Can’t wait til it offically come out

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