Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend 2017

I’m back from Milwaukee and had a BLAST at the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend. It’s my favorite event all year long! If you haven’t heard of it, the weekend happens the last weekend every April. It’s packed with 60 authors and 500 READERS! This year, I survived my first TV appearance with the lovely Kristan Higgins and Marina Adair, played charades with Eloisa James and Damon Suede, and was crowned with a tiara by Heather Graham. Mark your calendar to join me next year! REMEMBER: Get your tickets as soon as they go on sale in July! The event and hotel sold out in 17 hours!

Paperback Sale!

I have some goodies left over that I want to share with you. While supplies last, you can get signed copies of The Detective (in paperback) and signed LIMITED EDITION copies of The Taken. Why are they a limited edition? Because they are pre-proofed copies ordered just in time for this event. They have typos, but that makes them collectibles, right?

Order The Taken
(Pre-proof Copies)

Order The Detective

Warren & Sloan: The Infamous Challenger Love Scene

Author Q&A Night was hilarious. I was asked if I’d ever researched a book that was too hard to put in my own words. I told the story of the failed love scene that happens in The Taken with Warren and Sloan in the Challenger. You can watch it here:

Check out some of my photos! (Click to enlarge.)

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2 thoughts on “Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend 2017

  1. Love this Elicia. Can’t wait to see you again next year. Your the sweetest person. So happy to have sat with you for breakfast and had a blast. Best weekend ever.
    It was an honor and a pleasure meeting your hubs.

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