Blood Mother by @Tammy_oja is Why Kids Should Never Talk to Strangers

Blood Mother by Tammy Oja

Blood Mother is Bram Stoker meets Law & Order: SVU.

It’s the kind of book that has the power to make Anne Rice ask, “Wow, why didn’t I think of that plot?”

There are no sparkly vamps in here, folks!

This gritty vampire tale may be the most underrated story on the entire Internet. No joke. Calina is probably one of the most well-written villains I’ve ever read. I love her and I hate her in equal portions. There is so much depth to her personality and her story that I often realize I’m cheering for a baby-killer! Major kudos to Tammy Oja for making me feel so twisted and nefarious. *clap clap*

This book is truly a gem and you can read it for free on Wattpad!


Calina remembered very little from her life before it was stolen from her. As she cradled the sleeping boy in her arms, she tried to recreate the one thing she could never forget: the feeling of being a mother. She hummed softly the way she had for her own children and kissed his cool cheek. When she had spent every moment she could with him and the sun threatened to rise, she fed from his tiny throat. It was euphoric, but it lasted only for a moment. Then the hunt to find another would begin.

Stone Hoyt was assigned to the solve a string of child killings that everyone believed was the work of a serial killer on the loose. But Stone was more than a street cop and knew firsthand the work of the undead. His past experience and training would lead him to network the underground and invade the nests to find the vamp that decided children were acceptable targets. And when he did, there would be no hesitation in putting a stake though its heart and sending it back to hell where it belonged.

Interview with Tammy Oja

What inspired your love of vampire novels?

When I was young, vampires were awful and wonderful. I slept with a wooden crucifix to keep them from coming in my room at night. Bruises were nothing compared to being a meal. I loved Lestat, Dracula, and every scary vampire out there. In the last few years I see my daughter and her friends swooning over the romantic soft loving vampires with good looks and clear souls. While I love that diversity, I feel like they get cheated if they aren’t given the dark side as well. I don’t want to lose that exciting fear I remember having. There’s room for all vampires, but I wanted to bring that side back.

Your villain is super-twisted. Does she make you cringe sometimes?

All the time!!  I love her though, as much as I hate her. She has lost every good part of her. I feel for her because she didn’t choose it. And, in her own way, she is evil because she misses what was good about her–being a mother. When I get comments from people saying they love her and hate her, it excites me because I know I’m conveying exactly what I feel.

How do you find time to balance personal life and writing life?

It’s probably easier for me than most. I get to work three 12 hour shifts as a nurse, and my characters are never quiet. So I don’t have to choose between cleaning and writing. They make me write. It’s a passion that is new, but I hope lasts forever. I’m still learning the trade, but I have amazing friends who encourage and cheer me on. I can’t imagine loving any activity more.

How are we going to celebrate when you make it on the best sellers list?

With champagne!  And a paper bag to stop hyperventilating. And sending huge thanks to a few people who have really made it possible. You, Elicia, have been a true inspiration and support system that totally gave me belief in my writing and this book. RKClose who gave me a beautiful cover that I still drool over. And Juliet Lyons who saw this story sitting on my shelf with 22 reads and no votes and started shouting. She changed the title and literally said “Hey, this is good, get writing, this story will be read.”  There are so many amazing people that I am just awestruck to stand beside and so proud to be inspired by. That is the big win for me. Holding it in my hand, that will be seeing a dream literally come to life. Like magic!!

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