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This year, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some amazing writers in the Wattpad forums. They have inspired me along my own literary journey, supporting me mentally and professionally through one of the hardest and most exciting years of my life. One of those writers is Leigh W. Stuart.

Leigh has an imagination like a freight train. She gets rolling with an idea and it is full steam ahead! I’m honestly a little jealous. Whether it be monsters or balding truck drivers, this woman can spin a story… leaving her readers on the edge of their seats, upside down, and facing backwards.

A few months ago, I dabbled in her writing with a short she wrote called ‘Strawberry Pickers’. The first line of her blurb for that one told me, ‘Leigh ain’t your average story-teller!’ This is the line:

There were monsters in cages on the lowest floor of the Genieworks building. Other monsters held the keys. –That’s a literary ‘you had me at hello’ line right there.

Her current horror story Ferocious is on my holiday reading list. I invite you to check it out!

Ferocious by Leigh W. Stuart

Five years ago, the brothers Sean and Levi disappeared from the woods
without a trace. The police of Allsbury, Arkansas might have given up their
search, but Brooklyn, one of the boys’ best friends, is still desperate for

The morning before the boys were taken, Brooklyn began seeing things that
others could not see–things that could not possibly exist. On every
anniversary of the kidnapping since then she is haunted by frightening
images and hallucinations that are getting worse each year and turning into

Brooklyn’s search for the truth of what happened to her friends leads her
to the edges of her own sanity and into a fight for survival. Not knowing
whom she can trust, she finds herself the hunted instead of the hunter. And
she will learn that in this town, friendship is deadly.

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When you’re not writing about balding truck drivers, you write a lot of
horror. What inspires that? Do you love the adrenaline of it?

I’m an eclectic reader which motivates me to write in many different genres, from
romance to comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. In Ferocious, I love
exploring primal fear through my character Brooklyn: not knowing what’s
reality or nightmare, whether or not she can trust anyone, who (or what) is
coming after her, and what happened to her friends who disappeared five
years ago.

I know I’ve got a scary scene right when I feel the need to wrap up in my
fuzzy blanket. Some of my irrational fears that make an appearance in the
book are dark cellars, forests at night, words scratched onto the walls,
abandoned houses, feelings of being watched from the shadows, wondering
what’s under the bed, and little girls singing nursery rhymes!

On a side note, it’s surprising how many women love Earl, the balding
truck driver from Wild Rides!

Favorite scary movie?

I wouldn’t call it a favorite movie, because I only watched it a single time (that was enough), but hands-down The Blair Witch Project is the scariest one I’ve seen. It still freaks me out 15 years after watching it. Never send kids to stand in the corner as a punishment!

Are you a pantser or a plotter and why?

I’m actually a ‘connect the dotter!’ Stories are rather like cheese for me. In the beginning I have something rather bland and thin, but by cooking it up and then letting it sit in a cold, dark place, interesting changes happen. I begin to develop
major and minor scenes in my head, as well as basically how the story ends.
Put that together with the main characters, and I can start writing from
dot to dot.

How do you deal with writers block?

I think of it more as a creative hurdle to get over that’s best treated with dark chocolate and red wine. Sometimes I knit or spin to keep my fingers busy, but mostly I use chocolate and wine.

How are we going to celebrate when you make the best seller list?

Let’s all run around naked in the alpine snow, drinking champagne and
screaming at the top of our lungs!

Find Leigh W. Stuart on the WWW at:

Wattpad – LeighWStuart
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