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A few months ago, my friend Sal Mason sent me the blurb for her new book. It was the first time I’ve gotten a pre-publication blurb and immediately asked, “OK, when is this thing coming out??” A few weeks after that, she sent me her book trailer and I was 110% sold.

War Bride is one of my most highly anticipated books this year! Sal is currently publishing it over on Wattpad which means you can read it for free!

War-Bride-sal-masonWAR BRIDE
by Sally Mason

It was supposed to be the vacation of a lifetime, her one act of rebellion to escape from her conservative parents and her boring life in her small hometown in Indiana. An adventure, so to speak.

Instead, eighteen year old Stacy Degray got caught in a nightmare. She finds herself entangled in a web of political power play, terrorism and deceit – trapped in a small nation known for their child soldiers and thriving drug trade.

There is nowhere to run or hide – not if you are the next bride-to-be of Miguel Rizo, son of Maluguay’s ruler and head of the country’s largest crime organization. Those sworn to protect Stacy turn their backs on her, and she ends up stranded in a foreign place where violence and war rule and a life is worth nothing.

To save herself, she has to learn the rules of survival in an unforgiving game where a single mistake could get her killed…


Interview with Author Sal Mason


ME: Your stories always tackle heavy topics like Domestic Violence with an added warning to readers. What do you hope readers take away from War Bride?

SAL: The internet is a dangerous place and while internet awareness has increased over the last years, there are still so many examples where things go seriously wrong. You never know who is truly on the other side when you post in threads, forums or other social media platforms. Even on well-known platforms like FB or Twitter, people could be totally different from what they pretend to be.

I hope that the readers will take some more awareness along the way, especially when it comes to extreme ideas. Radicalization is a lengthy, highly manipulative process and hopefully, readers will be more critical after reading War Bride.

Yet, ultimately, this is also a story about families. The MC Stacy feels herself misunderstood and picked on her whole life which makes her such an easy target. Her parents don’t take the time to ask the right questions, which ultimately is one of the reasons why she leaves her home in the first place. Children can go through phases where we, as parents, find it difficult to relate, but those often turn out to be the times our children needs us the most. Open communication and respect is key, even if their views or actions might not be something we would have chosen for ourselves.

ME: War Bride has a very elaborate plot. Where did you get the idea?

SAL: The idea that triggered this book (the plot string about radicalization) was actually not mine, but my friend Liz Charnes came up with it. Internet recruitment and radicalization is a real problem at the moment which impacts young girls from all over the world, leaving many families wondering what turned their children into terrorists.

I chose the setting to be South America since I wanted to focus on drug crimes as a second plot string and add some political elements with the civil war and the child soldiers. I think all those different plot strings thrown together is what makes the plot seem so elaborate in the end and I hope that there will be something for most of my readers to enjoy.

ME:  Authors ask me all the time how I find time to write. For me, it’s easier than most because this is my full-time job. You work full time and have a family. How do you find time to write?

SAL: I write a lot in the early mornings when everyone is still asleep and my kids are at an age where they are rather low maintenance which gives me some extra time on the weekend. My job involves some travel, and I have discovered that airports, airplanes and hotel rooms are excellent venues for being creative.

My daughter also writes which is great as an extra support system, plus she understands the struggle. We plan on getting up at four every morning now during November for NaNoWriMo, so we can both finish our projects and be each other’s cheerleaders.

And my favorite question of all…

ME: How are we going to celebrate when you hit the Best Seller list?

SAL: Truthfully, I have no clue. After being numb for a few days before the truth will finally settle in which will cause me jump up and down screaming like a maniac, I will also probably bawl my eyes out that all my sweat and hard work has paid off. I guess I would celebrate with a nice meal, maybe even a short vacation to just spoil myself. After that, I’ll crack my knuckles and get back to writing 🙂

Find Sal on Twitter – https://twitter.com/SalMasonAuthor
Wattpad – www.wattpad.com/user/SallyMason1

The Soul Summoner – Official Book Trailer HD

A few weeks ago my good friend and fellow author, Sal Mason, created a book trailer for her new book on Wattpad, War Bride. (It’s badass, by the way.) I was so blown away by her trailer, I knew I had to have one for The Soul Summoner.

I started shopping around and was blown away to find that hiring a designer for a good book trailer can cost around $2,000! Seriously? Umm… I’m not JK Rowling or anything. My next $2k is going toward PET Scans, not YouTube trailers.

So… I decided to learn how to do it myself. I think it turned out pretty well! I sincerely appreciate all of my models for the missing posters at the end. 🙂

Please let me know what you think!

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