Warren Parish is literally about to go to hell and back to protect his daughter, but first he must save her from an even closer danger—Heaven.

The Council of angels has decreed Iliana must be brought to Eden to be made a seraph—an angel frozen as a child. And though it means Warren can finally be with her, she will never grow up. She will never access her power. And she will never have the life he sacrificed everything to give her.

Time is running out. He has until her first birthday to bring her to Eden. If not, the guardians will be sent for her, and he will be stripped of his birthright as the Archangel and lose his daughter forever.



“I won’t hurt you.”

My hands were raised like I was creeping toward a madman with a gun. Only it wasn’t a gunman. It was a very young woman, terrified and weeping in the corner. In her mismatched brown and green eyes, I was the madman.

“I want to help you.” I took another slow, careful step forward. “What’s your name?”

Her trembling hands shielded her face, and she pulled her knees closer to her chest. “S…Sofia.”

I knelt in front of her. “Hi, Sofia. My name’s Warren. These are my friends, Samael and Jaleal.”

She peeked through her fingers at the two Angels of Death standing in the doorway behind me.

I offered her my hand. “We’re here to take you home.”


“Yes. Are you ready?”

She flinched away.

“It’s OK. You have my word.”

Cautiously, she inched her hand toward mine. The instant our fingertips touched, her shaking calmed. Her eyes cleared.

I smiled gently. “There. Better?”

She nodded.

As I stood, I pulled her to her feet.

Radiating off her soul was a sparkling deep-amethyst haze. It moved like smoke, twisting and curling around her. Samael had been right; I’d seen nothing like it either.

Sofia’s spirit was shielded from anything unsettling, so she didn’t even glance over as we passed her mutilated body on the bed.

“Jaleal?” I said quietly.

Selecting Jaleal for this job hadn’t been random. She was the most innocuous of us all at five feet tall and barely a hundred pounds.

Jaleal took her arm. “Hi, Sofia. Let’s go for a walk.” Her voice was melodic and soothing as she led Sofia from the room.

Samael stepped over beside me. “This is victim number four. The second one here in Venice.”

I walked over to the body and examined Sofia’s severed head perched on the bedpost. “Her eyes were gouged out while she was still alive.” Blood had streamed like tears down Sofia’s cheeks.

“The mark on her chest too. The wounds are much deeper this time.” He was leaning over her torso.

“Maybe. But why is the mark here at all? No one this side of the spirit line knows what it means.”

“That, I do not know.” Samael sighed. “But it worries me. Azrael will be interested to see this.”

“I’m sure I’ll see him soon.” My phone buzzed in my pocket. I pulled it out and looked at the screen. It was a text message from Fury.

On our way to the hospital. My water just broke.

I showed it to Samael.

He put a hand on my shoulder. “Go. I’ll call if there’s news.”

“Thank you.” Before leaving, I walked to the head of the bed again and looked down at Sofia’s bare chest. In its bloody center was a carving of what looked like a Roman cross with two S’s mirroring each other.

It was my mark. My calling card.

The mark of the Archangel of Death.


Warren Parish, The Archangel of Death

Nathan McNamara, The Commander

Azrael, The Mortal

Alice, The Lost Sister

Cassiel, The Angel of Knowledge

Sloan McNamara, The Soul Summoner

Samael, The Gate Keeper

Skittles, Man's Best Friend


Venice looked like a postcard. A clock tower and domed cathedrals soared in the distance. Ornate buildings lined the water. And arched bridges marked the inlets. The smell of fresh fish and seawater drifted on the air.

— Venice, Italy

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