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Today I want to introduce you to my good friend and fantabulous author, Heather Grace Stewart. Heather and I met while her book, The Ticket, and my book, The Bed She Made, were battling it out on the Hot List on Wattpad. Truth be told, she kept knocking me OFF the hotlist. 🙂 I had to make a choice: be jealous and bitter or become her friend. I chose the latter, and I’m so glad because my life is richer for it!

I’ve read both of Heather’s published novels, as well as her Wattpad super-success, The Ticket, which will be published soon. Her books are fresh and fun that will make you laugh out loud and cheer for the characters. I highly recommend her books when you need something light-hearted and fun. Heather also writes poetry and recently went viral with a political poem about Canada’s recent election. It captured the attention of Buzzfeed so she got some major attention from the media.

You can find Heather online at:
WEBSITE: www.heathergracestewart.com
AMAZON: www.amazon.com/Heather-Grace-Stewart

remarkably-great-heather-grace-stewartREMARKABLY GREAT

“Very, very funny and unique.”
“Sexy & cool.”

This is a stand alone story and the sequel to the Kindle best-selling romantic comedy, ‘Strangely, Incredibly Good.’ As Cat Glamour strives to grow and love herself without validation from Gene, she also struggles to help her sister, who’s a bit of a texting addict, her 20-year-old daughter, who has fallen in with the wrong crowd, and her 94 year old grandmother, who’s a feisty ex-reality-TV-star with the Twitter handle @BadAssGram. On a quest to find Gene and the very best of themselves, these three generations of women travel to France together in a funny and touching roller-coaster ride of a page-turner.



Interview with Heather Grace Stewart

ME: Your books are super fun and flirty, but you also touch on a lot of sensitive issues for women. If you had to pick one of those issues to really drive home for your readers, what would it be and why?

HEATHER: I do like being fun and flirty because I think most of my readers are busy people who need a fast yet engaging escape. However, I’m a journalist and over-analyzer, so I can’t help touching on some themes that are important to me. I’ve read so many romance novels where the woman gets lost in whatever the man is and wants her to be. She loses her identity and loses sight of her dreams when she falls in love. Being a mother to a bright independent young girl, and having made my own mistakes in relationships, I always want to create strong-minded women characters who fall madly in love AND manage to follow their dreams, too. I also like to give them really fun and supportive best friends or sisters, because that’s one of the ways strong women get stronger.

ME: You’ve gotten a lot of media attention lately for your politically-bent poetry, including a BuzzFeed feature. How does that feel? Do you think you’ll focus more on politics because of it?

HEATHER: Yes, my poem “Decided.” got 12K shares on Facebook over two weeks. It was incredible! I do miss writing hard-nosed journalism; yesterday, I actually thought of becoming a PR person for the Liberal party (I found some typos on the material sent to our home and thought maybe I could bank on that, ha ha). I think I’m just feeling a little bit of Trudeaumania as today is the first day of life with our new Prime Minister elect Justin Trudeau, and many of us are feeling hopeful. I love writing novels, though, and I think I’ll stick to that. Don’t count me out though on creating a Justin Trudeau-Sophie like romance in one of my upcoming novels!

ME: Who are you currently reading?

HEATHER: When I’m thinking about or plotting a new novel, I don’t read fiction, because I don’t want to be influenced in any way, and now I’m in the plotting stages for my fourth novel, so I’m only reading non-fiction. I’m reading Wayne Dyer’s book I Can See Clearly Now, which is fabulous and an easy read, and I just picked up another Michio Kaku book titled The Future of the Mind. Few people know how much I love science. I got an Arts and then Journalism degree but I’m fascinated by politics and science; especially the science of our minds. My first ever, non-published novel was for youth, about teens going to high school in 2050, where telepathy has become rampant. It’s not my best work so I’m not releasing it, but I may take some of it and use it some day in another book.

ME: What are your immediate plans for your writing career? What’s coming next from Heather Grace Stewart?

My third novel, a romantic comedy titled The Ticket, has hit #1 in Chicklit on Wattpad.com twice since April 2015 and was chosen to be sponsored by Ways Lavy on their Reading List Inspiring Stories of Living Life to the Fullest! I’ve been thrilled with the response to it, so I’ll be releasing that in both ebook and print format in February 2016!

ME: How are we going to celebrate when you hit the Best Seller list?

HEATHER: That’s such a great dream to imagine and work toward. I actually think I’d celebrate that first day as a Best Seller a lot like our PM Justin Trudeau did today; I’d gather up all my loyal readers and throw them a party, and just hang out with them, take group selfies, drink good champagne, and dance my booteh off. I love a good party!

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