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Happy new year!

I hope your 2017 is off to an amazing start! I have some exciting news. I’ve teamed up with over 100 authors and instaFreebie to fill your eReader! There are 3 different pages where you can download all different genres of eBooks from some of the top-selling authors today. Continue reading “114 FREE BOOKS from @instaFreebie!”

Love Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and SciFi Books?

I’ve joined together with over 100 different fantasy and science fiction authors to do a huge Instafreebie promotion this week! So if you need to check out of this world and visit a new one, or if you’re interested in befriending a new angel, werewolf, or vampire…we’ve got you covered! You’ll find The Soul Summoner under the Fantasy section, or you can go directly to its sign up page here: Get The Soul Summoner FREE on Instafreebie Continue reading “Love Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and SciFi Books?”

The Soul Summoner Series is Coming to Audiobook!

I get lots of questions from you guys about The Soul Summoner series. Here are a few in order of frequency…

  • Is Nathan/Warren based on a real guy? (And…Can you introduce me?)
  • Are the books ever going to be audiobooks?

Well, the last one I can answer. My lips are SEALED on the other two. (For now, anyway.)

The entire Soul Summoner series is coming to Audiobook! Continue reading “The Soul Summoner Series is Coming to Audiobook!”